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Our Fit Customizing Process for YOU

Any athletic shoe you wear should have a cushioning impact, shock absorption and lightweight.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking shoes:

  • Don't just go by size

  • Don't always assume you are the same size as a previous shoe

  • Wear the socks you will be wearing

  • Always try both shoes on (some people have two different sizes for each foot)

  • Make sure there is at least one thumb's breadth of space from the longest toe to the end of the shoe

  • Don't lace the shoes up too tight, this won’t allow the midfoot and forefoot to spread

  • Women who have bigger or wider feet should consider buy men's shoes

Our Fit Customizing Process for YOU

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Custom Fitting


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Our goal is to match each runner, walker and fitness enthusiast with the proper footwear and essentials to keep them healthy, active and happy.

Then we will take several measurements of each foot to help us determine what will be the most supportive shape.

Next we will perform a series of tests to know how your feet and body move. This will help us understand your movement  more.

Once we understand your needs, have your measurements and understand how your body moves. We will recommend the best shoe for you.

We will then discuss the options and bring the shoes that may work best for you. Also answer any questions or concerns you may have.

After you make your decision, we will make sure that you know that we are committed to taking care of you and any other future needs you may have.

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