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Gainesville Running & Walking is a full-service specialty running and walking outfiter.


Running and walking are the two most basic forms of activity that person can do. Everybody learns how to run and walk - it is in our genetics. This great form of exercise is also one of the most cost-effective ways to stay healthy.


You do not have to buy a membership, go into a building, or learn how to use special equipment; all you have to do is move.  


There is one essential item that people who run or walk need to consider: footwear. The type of footwear a person has can make the difference between enjoying a great activity or being sidelined because of preventable injuries.


The top running and walking shoe companies have been researching the best ways to keep people on their feet. They analyze everything from the way a person’s foot is shaped to the way a person moves his or her body. These companies put countless hours into making sure their shoes are designed to fit every person possible.  


The only problem is that consumers do not know which shoes were constructed to specifically fit their foot and body movement.  


That is where Gainesville Running & Walking comes in. Every associate on staff is extensively trained in identifying how to fit a person into the right footwear.  


Our staff is the most knowledgeable and best trained in the area on how to fit an individual in the correct footwear.


From casual walkers to seasoned marathoners, we know how to find the right footwear. Every staff member is trained to know what shoes are meant for what types of people.  


We are your shoe professionals.

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